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Local impact

Image by Suad Kamardeen


We want to have an impact on women and girls all across the world, but we know change starts at home. This is why Lydia House is helping to raise awareness and prevent sexual abuse right here in the USA through our partnership with Trees of Hope. 

Trees of Hope is a non-profit committed to protecting future generations from sexual abuse through education and outreach and to helping survivors heal past wounds in order to restore their lives. It was founded by a survivor, and began with the goal of helping women heal from sexual abuse. Since their launch in 2008, they have expanded their healing programs to serve men, teen girls, and teen boys. Additionally, they added prevention education resources to their programming for parents and adolescents.

Through our partnership, Lydia House facilitates the provision of Trees of Hope's prevention and healing programs in Richmond, Virginia. In addition, Trees of Hope is working with us to adapt their healing curriculum for use in the West African context.

Image by Brenna Huff
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