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"Lydia House" is a residential Christian women's home to be built in Gbarnga, Liberia (West Africa) under the local leadership of our partners, Pastors Owen and Viola Dunbar. Lydia House will offer provision, medical care, and vocational training for young women exiting or in danger of involvement in human trafficking, sexual violence, homelessness, abandonment, or extreme poverty. While in residence at this home, young women will be given education and vocational training. Training will also be made available to qualifying non-resident women, who may attend as day students.  

The training is intended to equip young women to become financially and socially independent when they graduate from the program and re-enter society. Aside from the goal of breaking the cycle of poverty and abuse, the ultimate goal of the home is the formation of godly, independent women leaders for the country of Liberia.

Feminine Hygiene Kits

In developing countries all over the world, young women begin to encounter difficulty the moment they begin menstruation. Many do not even own undergarments, let alone have access to feminine hygiene products. In cultures where this subject is taboo, girls do not even have the option of asking for help – and often they have never been educated about their own bodies and reproductive health. They may be made to feel that they are inferior or unclean simply because of their bodies’ natural developments.

Without a reliable, sanitary way to deal with menstruation, girls begin to miss school regularly.  Initially, this may cause their grades to fall; ultimately, it can lead to them dropping out of school entirely.

We are able to bring self-awareness and confidence to girls through the simple gift of sustainable feminine hygiene kits. Each kit contains washable feminine hygiene products – rated to last up to three years – along with underwear and cleaning supplies. These kits cost us only about $15 each to compile, and can keep a girl in school and help her reach her goals!

In the spirit of working toward sustainability, vocational training at Lydia House will include teaching some of the residents to sew these kits. The kits they sew while in training will be given to the residents and donated to the local school, and the rest will be sold to cooperating NGOs and the public to provide a source of income.


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