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From A Woman Comes The Nation

Lydia House is truly a dream come true, for all involved. Four years ago, when I met Owen and Viola Dunbar, the Liberian leaders who have partnered with us – I could never have known it would lead to what is happening today. In January of 2019, while on a development trip with Vessels of Mercy, I got to spend a lot more personal time with the Dunbars. I felt the Lord pulling me to get more involved in Liberia, but I could not see how that was possible. What could I do?

A dream brought to life

They began to share with me a dream they had both had for many years: a dream of creating a safe home for girls to come heal, grow in the Lord, and get a good education. Their hearts were broken by the plight of so many young women in Liberia who are treated as property by parents, boyfriends, and spouses; and who live in danger of sexual exploitation, HIV, forced marriage, and FGM.

Owen said to me, “In the book of Genesis, the Lord told Rebekah: ‘two nations are at war within your womb.’ He did not say ‘two children,’ but ‘two nations.’ From a woman – comes the nation. If we want to see change in Liberia as a nation – we need more women leaders.” As he and Viola shared more of their hearts and also their practical plans with me – I began to feel so drawn to their vision of a home for women and girls.

“From a woman – comes the nation. If we want to see change in Liberia as a nation, we need more women leaders.”

We agreed to commit the project to prayer, but made no promises to each other. I knew they could not make this a reality without some serious financial bootstrapping, and they knew what would have to happen for me to be able to come through on such a thing. But God has blessed this project by opening doors every step of the way.

Now, as we begin fundraising for the first phase of construction on the home, I am reminded of Owen’s vision for change through the empowerment of women. Though we are starting small, the change we work toward can affect a whole nation!

Help us change a nation

We know that it is a long road to seeing the dream of Lydia House fulfilled. There is a lot of hard work and provision needed, and we cannot do it without your prayers and your help.

To learn more about how to get involved, contact us or sign up for our mailing list. To make an impact on the future of girls and women in Liberia right now, consider giving a donation toward Lydia House. Thank you for your prayers and support!

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